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On-line Anger Management Providers are Fodder for Fraud

On-line Anger Management Providers are fodder for fraud

Orange County based Anger Management Specialists are damaging legitimate Certified Anger Management Facilitators everywhere. One major provider has parroted the websites of other providers. He claims to be capable of providing all of the services that are listed on any other website. This even includes coaching attorneys, executives and physicians on-line for disruptive behavior and civility.

These same fraudulent providers are currently under investigation in a number of California Counties for selling Completion Certificates to parolees recently released from prisons. Since anger management offenses are generally misdemeanors and infractions, the courts simply cannot spend the time to determine if these fraudulent providers are actually offering classes or simply signing and selling certificates.

Unfortunately, there are currently no laws anywhere governing the providers of anger management businesses. Consequently, fraud is almost the norm. Some of these offenders have been involved in fraudulent activities since 2004.

If you are aware of any fraudulent activities on the part of any California based Anger Management Provider, I urge you to contact the local District Attorney’s Office or the California Attorney Generals’ Office. And, don’t forget the Better Business Bureau.

The links below provides some samples of fraud in Anger Management Programs: .


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Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Anger Management

Emotional Intelligence Coaching for anger management is far more comprehensive than other interventions because it is focused on a wider range of skills that are critical for intra and interpersonal relationships.

Counseling and psychotherapy are specifically designed to treat nervous and mental disorders. Anger is not an illness and therefore not amenable nor responsive to “treatment”.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, anger is a normal human emotion that is a problem when it is too intense, occurs too frequently, lasts too long, impacts health, leads to aggression or violence or destroys work, school or intimate relationships.

The way one responds to anger is learned from his or her family of origin. Any behavior that is learned can be unlearned and alternative responses can be mastered. The key to changing inappropriate behaviors resulting from anger includes: self-regard, self-actualization, emotional self-awareness, emotional expression, assertiveness, independence, interpersonal relationships, empathy, social responsibility, problem solving, reality testing, impulse control, flexibility, stress tolerance and optimism. All of these skills can be objectively assessed using the Bar On EQ-i-2.0 Assessment. For a sample of this assessment, click here:

Emotional Intelligence coaching is focused on skill enhancement for any or all of these scales. The Pre emotional intelligence assessment is administered prior to the coaching and a Post Assessment is given after the completion of a minimum of six months of individual coaching.

By using a Pre and Post Test along with a written curriculum including skill enhancement exercises, evidence of the success or lack success of the coaching is readily apparent from the Post Test.

For a description of an Emotional Intelligence coaching program for anger management, click here: