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Certified Anger Management Facilitators who use Pre and Post Emotional Intelligence Assessments are enjoying a dramatic increase in self-referrals for skill enhancement coaching for “impulse control”. Satisfied clients are referring friends and colleagues. EQ coaching is popular with college students and young professionals.

Emotional Intelligence for “impulse control” is booming in California and New York. The key to this trend is the power of Emotional Intelligence Assessments in identifying low levels of competence in a number of skills that are important in successful impersonal relationships.

Self-referrals including walk-ins are becoming increasingly common especially in California and New York. Many spouses, parents and significant others are encouraging their family members to take advantage of the opportunity to increase their skills in self-awareness, self-control, social awareness, empathy, and relationship management.

Emotional Intelligence has been shown to be a better predictor of success in life, marriage, work and school than IQ. Even is advocating for the volunteer completion of Emotional Intelligence Assessments on the part of job applicants seeking positions in sales, customer service and leadership positions.

Coaching for skill enhancement in all emotional intelligence scales actually works. Motivated clients willing to complete an average of six months of coaching that include a Pre and Post Test provided by a Certified Anger Management Facilitator can improve their ability to manage stress and anger.

Case Example:

Let’s take a look at the results of coaching for this 21 year old Beverly Hills young man who had everything but positive emotional intelligence skills. He was mandated by a court to take eight (8) sessions of Anger Management after being arrested for punching a hotel casino manager in the face. He took the BarOn EQ-i 2.0 emotional intelligence assessment before he started his Anger Management program. Once he received his results and saw how accurate they are, he decided to volunteer for Emotional Intelligence Coaching after he completed his required eight sessions of Anger Management. He saw Coach Leah Bowman once per week for five months.


Here are his Pre & Post Test Scores on the BarOn EQ-i 2.0 Assessment:
Pre AssessmentPost Assessment

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The American Association for Anger Management Providers Presents EQ for Counselors

Emotional Intelligence is the most useful intervention for increasing the effectiveness of counseling, coaching and success in life and work. This four hour CEU training will provide those in attendance with a foundation for incorporating Emotional Intelligence into substance abuse treatment, batterer’s intervention as well as couples counseling and psychotherapy. 

This training will be presented by George Anderson who is recognized as the guru of anger management. Topics to be covered include the following: 

A sample of the Bar On EQ-I-2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment 
How to draft an action plan based on the assessment results 
Actual Pre and Post Assessment results from previous clients 
A demonstration of how this assessment can be used in your counseling, coaching or domestic violence practice 
A conversation with the experts: Facilitators, coaches, counselors and graduates will discuss their experience teaching and learning emotional intelligence skills. 

Each participant will receive a free copy of The Practice of Control, the Anderson & Anderson Curriculum for Executive Coaching clients along with The Contrasting Wheels of Behavior, the does and don’ts of anger management. 

, Executive Coach for Disruptive Physicians at Anderson & Anderson, Executive Coaching/Anger Management