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Anger Management Is A Must For All Prisoner Re-entry Programs

California leads the nation in its’ prison population as well as its’ commitment to focus on a collaborative community response to provide the necessary education, mental health treatment and/or life skills to succeed in work and life. The California Endowment has set aside $50 million dollars in grant money for non-profits to partner with state and local governments as well as school districts to provide a wide range of services including substance abuse treatment, mental health services, anger management, GED, job training and life skills.

One of the most innovative and successful prisoner re-entry programs in California is the SCBC which is a collaborative effort between the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) specifically designed for men and women reentering the community from state prison.

The program is designed to help people transition back into their local communities and families, resume their education and find and start successful careers. During the last year, 30-40% of the total Sacramento County parole population has been referred to the SCBC program. Less than one-third of those clients’ recommit and are sent back to prison. The state recidivism rate is nearly 75%.

Similar programs are being established in most California Counties. Program participants are eligible to receive educational services that include literacy skills, GED and high school diplomas, math skills, vocational training and referrals.

All of these programs include anger management and emotional intelligence as a part of the skills taught. Certified Anger Management Facilitators (CAMF) are in demand to provide Emotional intelligence, Life Skills and Anger Management.

The American Association of Anger Management Providers will showcase some of these programs at it’s first annual conference in Los Angeles on August 22,23, 20014. Fr. Greg Boyle, S.J., founder of Home Boy Industries will be the main speaker on August 23. Dr. Alan Rosenstein, M.D. will be the Keynote Speaker on August 22. The theme of the conference is Emotional Intelligence for Anger Management.

For information or to register, click here: or contact George Anderson at 310-476-098.

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We are on a roll in getting all of our tasks completed for the August 22, 23, Conference of The American Association of Anger Management Providers. The conference theme is a big hit; Emotional Intelligence For Anger Management. Titile alone destigmatizes the negatives that are often associated with anger management counseling or anger management therapy or even anger management classes. 

Skill enhancement in emotional intelligence is the intervention that is advocated by Certified Anger Management Facilitators nationwide (CAMF)

Click here for the final conference schedule or to register or rent a booth at the conference:

George Anderson, Ex. Secretary

American Association of Anger Management Providers