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Emotional Intelligence Coaching For Impulse Control Is A New Niche For Coaches

Executives, millennium’s, college students, physicians and attorneys are discovering the practical benefits of coaching for skill enhancement in self-awareness, self-control, social awareness, empathy, relationship management as well as other Emotional Intelligence competencies.

Regardless of how one defines EI, it is always clearly a positive intervention or course without the stigma associated with counseling or psychotherapy. In contrast to mental health interventions, emotional intelligence coaching is evidence based for each client.

A typical coaching program for emotional intelligence skill enhancement begins with an Emotional Intelligence Assessment. Following the assessment, considerable time is spent debriefing the client on the results of the assessment culminating in an action plan that is written by the client.

The client is then introduced to a workbook with exercises and relevant information on strategies for enhancing each skill selected for action. Ancillary tools are used to carefully analyze each exercise to increase competency in incorporating new skills in all interpersonal interactions. The coach keeps the client focused on the tasks selected.

Following six months of coaching, the client completes a post assessment to determine the effectiveness of the coaching.

The average cost of a six-month Emotional Intelligence coaching program is $4,900 paid in advance.