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Anger Management Coaching Now Avail Via Skype

Anderson & Anderson, APC has added coaching via Skype as a new option for local or distant clients. Coaching clients for anger management or emotional intelligence can now have weekly sessions via Skype.

Contact our Brentwood office for additional information or to enroll in our anger management program.

George Anderson, LCSW, CAMF


Or Jairo Wong, CAMF


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Anger Management Coaching Now Avail Via Skype

Anderson & Anderson, APC has added coaching via Skype as a new option for local or distant clients. Coaching clients for anger management or emotional intelligence can now have weekly sessions via Skype.

 Contact our Brentwood office for additional information or to enroll in our anger management program.

 George Anderson, LCSW, CAMF


Or Jairo Wong, CAMF


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Three Day Live Anger Management Facilitator Certification Training

Presented by George Anderson

When: December 4, 5, 6, 2014

Where: Anderson and Anderson

12301 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 300

Brentwood, CA 90025


Time: 8:30 A.M. — 4:30 P.M.

Cost: $1, 500 (includes client workbooks, facilitator guide, Motivational Interviewing CDs, and certification)

Three-Day Live Anger Management Facilitator Training

Objectives: This training is designed for persons interested in providing anger management to adolescents and adults as well and business and industry.

Emotional Quotient Intelligence (EQ-I 2.0) on-line assessment. All participants will take the EQ-I 2.0 prior to the event and receive their results; which will need to be printed out and brought with you to the training. (A link to access this assessment will be e-mailed to each person).

Workbook, Gaining Control of Ourselves, The Practice of Control, Wheels of Behavior, Facilitator Guide, Motivational Interviewing CD, sample proposals (including organizational training), sample progress reports (private use, courts, probation, parole) & attendance sheet. Each participant will receive the items listed above.

Organizational Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management. This training is designed to prepare the participant to offer workshops or presentations regarding anger management, stress management, communication, civility or emotional intelligence. Ample time will be spent on establishing and marketing a practice in anger Management/Emotional Intelligence.

The first day of training is Anger Management for Adolescents. The second day of training is Anger Management for Adults and the third day of training is on Organizational Anger Management.

To register go to our website or send a check along with your name, address, telephone and email address or simply phone our office and enroll via phone with a credit card at 310-476-0908.

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Attn: Anderson & Anderson, APC Certified Anger Management Providers

We are now working on the 2015 Certified Anger Management Provider list for Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The Courts in Orange County will now use our list.

We urge you not to apply to be on the list if court referrals are your only source of referrals. We have decided to reduce the number of providers while increasing those who are invested in treating their practices as a business rather than a hobby.

Finally, if you are receiving referrals from the other 7 court lists, there is no need to pay to be on the Anderson & Anderson, APC list.

Thanks for your support.

George Anderson

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Learning or teaching anger management/self-control requires more than insight

Anderson & Anderson, APC provided Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Impulse Control to a 62-year-old attorney who had been in psychoanalysis for 25 years for problems managing his anger. While he was an expert on where his first angry feelings came from and how they related to an incident with his mother at age 6, his ability to control his angry behavior had not improved during his many years of psychoanalytic treatment.

As the result of his lack of progress managing his impulse to behave aggressively when angry, he confronted his psychoanalyst who referred him for Emotional Intelligence Skill Coaching for enhancement in impulse control.

Practicing attorneys are well known for their obsession with the facts of situations and this attorney was therefore excited to learn the objective results of his competencies in Self-Regard, Self-Actualization, Emotional Self-Awareness, Emotional Expression, Assertiveness, Independence, Interpersonal Relationships, Empathy, Social Responsibility, Problem Solving, Reality Testing, Impulse Control, Flexibility, Stress Tolerance and Optimism.

By simply learning about his level of competency in these 15 Emotional Intelligence scales and how they are connected to each provided him with considerable optimism. He quickly recognized the need to practice skill enhancement in the areas in which he scored in the low or average range.

Practical applications of Emotional Intelligence Skill Enhancement is needed and wanted by a wide range of professionals whose success is closely related to their ability to influence others based on these important skills.

In contrast to counseling or psychotherapy, skill enhancement in emotional intelligence is practice and evidence based. A comprehensive EQ-i-2.0 Assessment designed to provide a base line of EI competencies precedes the coaching. Once the assessment is reviewed and the client is debriefed, the six months of skill enhancement coaching is provided over a six-month period.

The coaching is augmented by the use of DVDs, CDs, client workbooks along with specific exercises related to each skill. At the end of six months, the same assessment is administered in order to objectively determine the results of the coaching.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Professionals including attorneys, physicians and executives is trending in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Clients are requesting the 12-hour intensive followed by coaching via phone or Skype from Saudi Arabia, San Juan, Puerto Rica and other major U.S. cities.

The Anderson & Anderson, APC’s Emotional Intelligence Coaching is a respected coaching model specifically designed to enhance the skills that physicians, attorneys, executives, managers, and athletes need to meet the demands of a

high-stress, high-performance environment. Our program recognizes the qualities present in top leaders as well as top employees, and uses a customized assessment to help you make your skills elite.

For more information, visit our website at or contact George Anderson at 310-476-0908.

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Factors To Consider when Choosing A Program For “disruptive physicians”.

Physicians who are mandated to attend classes or coaching for “disruptive behavior” frequently perceive themselves to be under assault from their State Medical Boards, Credential Committees, Human Resource Managers, Hospital Administration or Physician Well-Being Committees. Rarely are they given appropriate information regarding the Pros and Cons of the three major programs that provide this intervention.

Unfortunately, neither the American Medical Association nor most of the state medical boards nationwide appear to provide useful information regarding the purpose, content and value of these programs.

Currently, there are three major providers of Executive Coaching/Anger Management for “disruptive physicians” or small group CME courses for this population. The Distressed Physicians Program at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, The PACE Program and the University of California School of Medicine at San Diego were the first to offer services for “disruptive physicians”. Both of these programs began as programs for “impaired physicians”, substance abuse or sexual abuse. Neither of these programs is focused on the individual but instead offers lectures on issues related to physician burnout and related behaviors.

These institutions began providing programs for “disruptive physicians” around 2005. Both programs are limited to 6-8 participants per quarter that limits the total number of participants to 32 per year or less. All classes are provided in a group format at the two respective Medical Schools located in Nashville or San Diego.

The Anderson & Anderson Executive Coaching Program was initiated in 2007 in conjunction with a small group of physicians from a major hospital chain based in Dallas, TX. This healthcare organization wanted to be proactive in working to provide assistance for their physicians in a non-threatening manner. Further, they wanted to avoid creating an adversarial relationship with their physicians Consequently, they wanted a program that was mobile (on-site) and offered individual intervention in a discreet, confidential manner. They also wanted to protect their physicians from being labeled with some type of inappropriate psychiatric or substance abuse diagnosis. Finally, when a highly specialized surgeon, cardiologist or anesthesiologist is taken away from his or her practice to spend two or three days in Nashville, TN or San Diego, CA., the cost to the community, the health care organization and the physician is unrealistically high. Therefore, on-site intervention in their own city is far more reasonable for most physicians especially surgeons.

The Anderson & Anderson Coaching is provided on-site anywhere in the United States. In contrast to the continuing education courses offered by the Distressed Physician Program at Vanderbilt and the Pace Program at UCSD, the Anderson & Anderson, APC model uses Emotional Intelligence Skill enhancement as it’s core. All participants receive a Pre EQ-i-2.0 Emotional intelligence assessment prior to beginning the two-day 12 -hour intensive followed by individual coaching based on the assessment results. The second phase of the coaching is provided via phone on a bi-monthly basis for six-months. After the six-month program has been completed, a Post Assessment is administered to determine the success of the program. Therefore, the program is evidenced for each client. Aftercare can be arranged on an as needed basis.

In selecting a credible program for “disruptive physicians’, make sure that you are not the first client, check for a client list or references, ask if psychiatric or psychological examinations are required. Since the American Psychiatric Association maintains that anger is not an illness, psychological or psychiatric examinations should not be required.

For more information or to download a sample of our EI assessment, visit our website at as well as the linked in profile of George Anderson.

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Useful Information About Private Practice Clinicians Under Managed Health Care

The sole purpose of Managed Health Care is to reduce healthcare costs. This is an important concept that must be kept in mind when asking questions or making comments about Managed Health Care.

Regardless of the area of specialization for any medical or behavioral healthcare provider, it is important to remember that quality health care is not the goal. instead, it is the least expensive care that is the driving force behind Managed Health Care.

In Behavioral Health, most of the referrals will go to the least expensive providers rather than the best trained, most experienced or the providers capable of offering the best care. This means that Psychiatrists and Psychologists will rarely receive referrals for out-patient treatment based on the need to control costs.

Psychiatrists are being used almost exclusively for medication management and inpatient care designed to stabilize severely ill patients. The role of Psychologists will only be used occasionally for psychological testing. In fact, the income of Psychologists and Psychiatrists are declining more rapidly than all other disciplines in mental health.

Clinical Social Workers are being used in locations where there are few licensed providers. Clinical Social Workers are also among providers selected based on their lower fees as well as their availability in low – income and rural areas of the country. Low costs counselors will be selected nationwide to provide most outpatient treatment regardless of the diagnoses.

Currently, the preferred Managed Health Care Providers are those who are willing to accept low fees. In California, the most popular groups are MFTs and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors. Both of these groups are granted master’s degrees in psychology and are trained by Psychologists and for this reason they claim to be able to provide “Psychological Counseling”. They also claim to be able to treat any disorder that psychologists can treat and some even claim to provide psychological testing. These counselors are permitted by Managed Health Care to claim competency in the treatment of any DSM disorder without specialized training. Scope of practice laws are actually being ignored by Managed Health Care Organizations on favor of low fees.

For the reasons mentioned above, all mental health care professionals should consider expanding their income streams to include niche services that are needed and wanted by persons with the ability to pay. Regardless of the discipline, few mental health professionals can survive on their earnings from Management Health Care along.

George Anderson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been in full-time private practice in Los Angeles since 1982. Please visit my linked in profile and invite me to connect. My email address is