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“Me Too” Marketing Scams in Anger Management

“Me Too” marketing is defined as copying claims made by others as if they are your own. A variation on this theme is to plagiarize the websites of competitors and claim that you can do whatever your competitor does.

In anger management, the same fraudulent provider that duped a major sports team to use its’ on-line anger management classes for unruly fans have moved into coaching for physicians and attorneys. Take a look at this website: .
If you Google anger management coaching for physicians, you will find another website that is almost identical with the exception of the logo and name.

The links below provide a sample of “Me Too” marketing and other fraudulent anger management providers who tarnish legitimate providers everywhere.

The links below provide samples of fraud in Anger Management Programs: …, -…,
“ 07-05-31/news/25228021_1_anger -management-cell-phones-tantru ms
One of the projects of the American Association of Anger Management Providers for 2015 is to expose fraudulent anger management providers.

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Standard For Anger Management Providers Will Increase In 2015

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF

Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Professionals at Anderson & Anderson, APC

Standards For Anger Management Providers Will Increase in 2015

  • The California Superior Courts in Los Angeles County leads the nation in high standards for Anger Management Providers. According to the American Psychiatric Association, anger is not an illness and is therefore not listed in the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of Mental And Nervous Disorders (DSM-5). Therefore, counseling or psychotherapy is not appropriate for teaching skills in impulse control.

Below is a list of the 2015 requirements for all Certified Anger Management Providers who offer their services to mandated defendants in Los Angeles County:

  • All providers are required to have 40-hours of training in Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management skill enhancement for impulse control.
  • All providers must have one year of supervised experience or an internship in providing anger management classes or coaching.
  • All providers must use client workbooks in the language of the various populations served.
  • Pre and Post Emotional Intelligence Assessments are required for all mandated clients.
  • All providers must complete 16 hours of continuing education in related subjects on a yearly basis.
  • Clients must be given an option of individual or group sessions.
  • Clients who are not appropriate for participating in a psycho-educational program must be reported back to the court for alternative services.
  • Clients who are currently using mind -altering substances must be referred back to the court.
  • Clients who appear to be suffering from severe mental or nervous disorders must be referred back to the court.
  • Certified Anger Management Facilitators who are not licensed clinicians must have a mental health consultant.

Most of the above standards have been adopted by other California Counties including Sacramento. The courts have determined that the standards for Certified Anger Management Facilitators must be comparable to the state standards for Domestic Violence Batterers Facilitators Los Angeles based Anger Managed Management providers will be closely monitored for compliance during 2015.

Anderson & Anderson, APC is the largest provided of both Anger Management Facilitation Certification and Batterers Intervention Certification. Los Angeles based Anger Managed Management providers are closely monitored for compliance.

Anderson & Anderson, APC is the largest provided of both Anger Management Facilitation Certification and Batterers Intervention Certification.



























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The California Parole Department Is Investigating On-line Anger Management Classes

 Southern California leads the nation in providing “fraudulent” Anger Management Completion Certificates for $25 with no questions asked. Judges and Prosecutors based on the limited amount of court time for each misdemeanor case are giving credit for these so called “courses” without verifying the legitimacy of the courses or the providers.

The California State Superior Court is one of the first courts in the nation to require that all providers of anger management must complete a 40-hour Anger Management Facilitator Certification Training followed by 16 hours of continuing education on a yearly basis. Further, each CAMF, Certified Anger Management Facilitator must use client workbooks and a Pre and Post Test for each client.

Prosecutors and other court officers should question the legitimacy of all anger management courses and providers nationwide.

How Can A Consumer Guard Against Such Scams

  1. Contact The American Association of Anger Management Providers for it’s national provider list:
  2. Google the name of the program or provider in question
  3. If the provider is on linked in, review his or her profile
  4. If you google “anger management scams” here are some of the posts that will come up:

George Anderson

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George Anderson, Anger Management Guru to offer Anger Management Services in Seal Beach, CA.

Anderson & Anderson, APC will begin offering the following services in Orange County beginning in January 2015.


  • Anger Management/Emotional Intelligence for Impulse Control, Court, HR. or wife mandated coaching or classes.
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching For Professionals

  • Executive Coaching For Disruptive Physicians.

  • Introductory Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management Courses
  • EQ-I-2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessments for Adolescents and Adults.


The Seal Beach location, dates and times of these services will be made available without the next 7 days.


George Anderson, CAMF











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New Net Working opportunities for Anger Management Facilitators

Last week’s Anderson & Anderson, APC Anger Management Facilitator Certification Training will be a catalyst for a major networking campaign for all providers. The 11 professionals who were certified in this training agreed to immediately begin a social media campaign to assist each other in Internet marketing of their services.

Here is a list of specific actions that were begun during the last day of the certification training:

· All of the participants joined linked in, twitter, Facebook, pinterest and google circles.

· All participants agreed to join and actively participate in The American Association of Anger Management Providers.

· Participants agreed to post on each other’s blogs.

· Anderson & Anderson, APC agreed to place all of the participants on the international list of approved providers.

· All participants agreed that it is in the best interest of all Certified Anger Management Facilitator’s (CAMF) to promote training and certification of this curriculum at every opportunity.

All CAMF professionals are urged to follow the lead of these new providers in increasing our presence on the Internet.

Anderson & Anderson, APC plans to use all of it’s resources to advocate for competency and ethical standard for Anger Management Providers nationwide.