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Anger Management Guru conducts Three-day Certification Training for Anger Management Facilitators

George Anderson personally provided training and certification (CAMF) for a small group of professionals form Atlanta and Los Angeles. This was one of the most intensive trainings ever provided by Mr. Anderson. This fortunate group of providers responded well to the individual mentor/like training and bonded with each other to form a network of future “movers and shakers’’.

Among those in attendance were Dr. Walter Swingler, CAMF, Emory Aaron, CAS, CAMF, Daphne Haywood, CAMF, Howard Hill, CAMF and Milton Feliciano, CAMF.

  • Swingler will become a principal provider of emotional intelligence coaching for impulse control/anger management and substance abuse for at risk and re-entry veterans in Los Angeles County in addition; he plans to offer emotional intelligence for VA employees.
  • Aaron plans to offer anger management/emotional intelligence coaching to recovering clients who are residents of Sober Living Homes as well as inpatient treatment facilities.
  • Haywood is currently enrolled in a Substance Abuse Counselor training program in Los Angeles. She plans to intern with Jairo Wong at Anderson & Anderson, APC in its’ Lawndale Office. Her goal is to focus on clients with co-occurring disorders.
  • Hill plans to incorporate emotional intelligence coaching and Organizational Anger Management training into the services offered at his family owned psychotherapy practice in Atlanta. (Mid-town).
  • Feliciano plans to offer Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management classes and coaching in Los Angeles while also interning with Mr. Wong at Anderson & Anderson, APC. He will offer services in English and Spanish.

The next Los Angeles Anger Management training will be offered on February 26, 27, 28, 2015. For more information or to enroll Jairo Wong at 310-679-8310 of visit the Anderson & Anderson, APC website at

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Questionable On-line Anger Management Programs

The major goal of The American Association Of Anger Management Providers (AAAMP) for 2015 is to expose fraud in anger management programs in the U.S. Our first project is the review of programs that sell Certificates of Completion in lieu of classes in anger management.

Laguna Beach, California leads the nation in fraudulent anger management classes. The King of on-line anger management certificates of completion offers proof of completion to anyone for as low as $65 for an entire course. His competitors are offering the same completion certificates for $24.

Anyone interested in avoid attending a court mandated, legitimate anger management program can simply enroll in one of these bogus programs and receive a completion certificate only hours after the Pay Pal fees have been processed. Busy Judges and Prosecutors have little time to spend of low-level crimes like infractions or misdemeanors. Most anger management offenses fall in these categories.

Here are a few of the programs that are selling Anger Management Completion Certificates that are as popular as Apple I-phones:,

Unsuspecting Judges and Probation Departments are approving these Certificates of Completion without examining their legitimacy. The average time that a California Superior Court Judge has to review misdemeanors cases is three minutes. Hardly enough time to check on the credibility of the hundreds of scams associated with anger management in California.

The links below provide additional examples of fraud in Anger Management Programs:… ,…… ,… .

The American Association of Anger Management Providers is willing to offer free training to any Judge or Court Officer in the U.S. who is involved in prosecuting anger management courses.

George Anderson, MSW, LCSW, BCD, CAMF