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Emotional Intelligence is Trending in Health Care Worldwide

Many health care organizations around the world are emphasizing a need for more patient-centered care. Emotional intelligence (EI), is increasingly referred to in health care literature. Major healthcare organizations in the U.S. are routinely offering Emotional Intelligence Coaching for physician leaders as well as physicians whose behavior at work may risk patient safety (disruptive physicians).

Emotional intelligence coaching is rapidly replacing anger management, psychotherapy and continuing medical education courses to enhance non-clinical workplace interpersonal relationships. Skill enhancement in emotional intelligence provides improvements in self-awareness, self-control, social awareness, empathy, interpersonal relationships and stress tolerance. All of the aforementioned competencies increase patient satisfaction and improves “beside manner scores” for physicians.

The gains that occur in emotional intelligence coaching are almost automatically generalized to the clients’ personal and family relationships. Therefore, the results are more likely sustainable over time.

Finally, pre and post assessments in emotional intelligence for coaching clients is very close to evidenced based intervention.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF