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Emotional Intelligence is the quiet miracle for success in psychotherapy, anger management, healthcare and business.

Enough evidence is available to determine the value of incorporating Emotional Intelligence into counseling, psychotherapy, business as well as college and interpersonal relationships. Professionals and organizations that are moving to actualize this new trend are experiencing an increase in referrals as well as a return on investments and success in a wide range of areas.


  • Counselors and psychotherapists who are using Pre and Post Emotional Intelligence Assessments along with skill enhancement are finding a greater number of requests for EQ for couples as opposed to marriage counseling.
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching for “disruptive physicians” is widely recognized in healthcare as the intervention of choice. With Pre and Post EQ Assessments, each intervention is “evidenced based”.
  • now routinely uses EQ Assessments as a part of the standard interview process for applicants for management positions as well as high stress jobs such as customer service.
  • The Criminal Justice System in California is now requiring that all Certified Anger Management Providers use “evidence based” intervention that use EQ Pre and Post Assessments along with written curricula.
  • Social Work programs in the UK and the U.S. are including Emotional Intelligence into their training.


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