Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the requirements for membership?

A. There are three levels of membership.

1. General membership requires active involvement in providing anger management without formal anger management training or certification.

2. Fellow requires specific training and certication in anger management intervention.

3. Diplomate level of membership is reserved for persons who are trained, experienced and certified in anger management and have published articles or books on anger management.

Q. Will association dues be used to market the association as well as member providers?

A. Yes, each member will be permitted to place information on the website about his or her practice, location, areas of specialization and training.

Q. Will membership result in a discount in future trainings?

A. Yes. Members will receive a 10% discount on all training sponsored by the Association.

Q. Will the association sponsor yearly trainings?

A. Yes. We will rotate annual trainings each year to states interested in hosting such conferences. We will also encourage state and regional conferences.

Q. Will the association work for standard relative to the practice of anger management?

A. Yes. One of the main missions of the association will be to represent the interest of consumers and providers which will include standards.

Q. Will the association’s website have an events calendar to inform members of related training throughout the country?

A. Yes. Members and other trainers will be permitted to list related trainings on our website.

Q. Will the association have a newsletter?

A. Yes. We will feature articles on various issues each month.

Q. Will the association advise businesses, courts and other entities on the value of anger management intervention?

A. Yes. We will quickly establish the association as a source of experts on anger, stress, communication and emotional intelligence.

Q. Does the association certify anger management programs?

A. No

Q. Does the association have standards that must be met in order to list anger management providers and/or their programs.

A. No

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