Long Island Anger Management, Inc.

LOCATION: Stony Brook, NY 11790

MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Diplomate & Regional Vice President

Long Island Anger Management, Inc. provides anger management education classes and executive coaching offering the Anderson and Anderson™ curriculum which is the most effective and widely recognized anger management curriculum in the world. We teach practical strength based skills that improve communication, anger management, stress management and the enhancement of emotional intelligence (CASE).

We offer Adolescent & Adult Anger Management Classes, Executive Coaching and Emotional Intelligence assessments in a comfortable private setting.

David Morgan, LCSW-R, CAMF

Director David Morgan, LCSW-R, CAMF
Long Island Anger Management Inc.
215 Hallock Road
Suite 6A
Stony Brook, NY 11790
Ph: (631) 675-6306
E: info@longislandangermanagement.com

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Services Offered:

Adolescent Program

School districts throughout the nation are recognizing the need for anger management classes and this curriculum is being used in districts across the nation. After the initial assessment, participants will be placed in an appropriate group of up to ten adolescents. The group format can be a powerful tool because in addition to learning the material in the workbooks, the participants are able learn from each others experiences.

Benefits of the program include the following:
•Client workbooks with graphics for use with poor readers and learning disabled students
•Better understanding of self
•Improved communication
•Stress management techniques
•Anger management techniques
•Accepted for court referred clients
•Used in lieu of suspension for aggravated students
•Referrals welcomed by AFY or PINS

Adult Program

Participants will use a workbook which is used in conjunction with experiential exercises and DVDs to introduce the participants to this intervention. The group intervention focuses on CASE, Communication skills, Anger management, Stress Management and enhanced Emotional intelligence. The group format can be a powerful tool because in the addition to learning the material in the workbooks the participants are able learn from each others experiences.

Benefits of this program include the following:
•Improved communication skills
•Stress management techniques
•Enhanced emotional intelligence
•Better understanding of self and others
•Accepted for court referred clients
•Referrals welcomed by H.R. and EAP specialists, managers, supervisors, etc.

Executive Coaching

The curriculum is the same with this service but it is provided individually instead of in the group format. This format can be helpful for participants who do not like group or require greater privacy due to government position, profession or celebrity status.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments:

The Bar On EQ-i 2.0 assessment is administered which focuses on 15 scales. This powerful assessment helps individuals gain a better understanding of how well they perceive and express themselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges and use emotional information in an effective meaningful way. Many employers are providing Emotional Intelligence tests as a part of the application/interviewing process so its helpful to learn areas that need improvement for personal and professional growth.

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